Greater Job


     for WIC staff  

When a participant logs into their ONE             account after an appointment, they will see            family-friendly articles and recipes that were          shared by WIC in their personalized account.

Use of interactive Tools can create a     
stronger connection between WIC Nutritionists  and participants, especially if you are working remotely and time is limited during sessions. 

Easy and Evolving

   for Participants


​ONE has launched with Spanish 

and English as language options.         

         Even more language options               

 are planned for the future.                   

                                 ONE is a mobile-optimized website      that will function like an app. Smartphone            

users with limited data plans and memory                    

     space will be able to access nutrition                                

         education on their device.                                          

     Education, visuals, and features will evolve   with the rapid advance of technology. You can   trust our team will provide up-to-date                   education and design features frequently.

ONE supports your need for 

engaging nutrition education in

the WIC clinic and over telehealth 

with interactive visual Tools, and 

brings research based nutrition 

education right to your

participant's mobile device.

Why ONE?




WIC staff can now quickly and easily
access a 
wide variety of visual Tools for    

infants, toddlers, preschoolers, pregnant,      

 breastfeeding and postpartum women.         

   ONE incorporates the creative 

and colorful education that

Nutrition Matters is known for - 

     now in a digital format! 

Interactive and colorful visual Tools
support VENA and person-
experiences with participants. 


Reports and More


Reporting features track the function

  and use of ONE. Reports aim to help                   streamline secondary nutrition

    education completion! 

​ONE is hosted on a 

HIPAA compliant web

service, and will be secure.

It is our belief that ONE will increase the perceived value of the WIC program for participants, and they will view WIC as their preferred source of nutrition information.


Serving WIC Full Circle

a dietitian-owned small company that has been providing nutrition education to WIC programs for over 24 years.


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Meet the Authors

Cheryl Yarrington


founder/owner, public health 

nutrtionist and author

Robin Fedie



Susan Krahn



Nutrition Matters started in my basement 24 years ago, and has grown to be a major supplier of nutrition education materials for public health programs in all 50 states. My love for writing and creating started in the WIC Program, where I was Director/Nutritionist

for our local WIC Program for

17 years, along with an additional

13 years as a WIC Nutritionist in multiple local agencies.


I love creating nutrition education,

and I’m excited to be developing a digital format of education that we know families will love and want!

As a nana, It’s been awesome to watch our little ones learn how to breastfeed, eat finger foods, use a spoon, try new foods and enjoy eating. I’m always amazed at

every step our grandsons take!

I have worked as a hospital clinical dietitian, WIC dietitian

and as a consultant. Nutrition

has so much potential to improve people’s lives. Our nutrition education gives families information and tools they

can use to make healthy

choices the easy choices. 


As a dietitian, mom and grandma

it is rewarding to be part of a team that helps families meet

the challenge of healthy eating

in their busy lives. I truly look forward to bringing our customers even more

education and ideas!

I worked for 9+ years at a local health department with WIC, obesity prevention, and communications. I joined the Nutrition Matters team in 2019 and am excited to create nutrition education that supports your work- empowering parents

to raise healthy families!


I love making healthy, fun and delicious food for my family.

My 6-year old daughter and 

4-year old son love to eat fruits

and vegetables, although they would prefer to eat breakfast

cereal at every meal! 


After years of research, development and testing, ONE launched in 2020!

Customers and research told us that it was time for an innovative digital

tool that aims to improve the WIC experience for the families you serve!

Nutrition Matters is your source for research based nutrition education written

by RDNs specialized in pediatric, maternal, and public health nutrition. Nutrition

Matters is a nationwide provider to WIC programs, Head Start programs, pediatric

clinics and hospitals, cooperative extension agencies and much more!

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